Pretreat Machines In Stock Today

Our new Spider Mini Pretreat machines are now in stock and being prepared to ship. After many months of testing, tweaking and preparing we will soon be shipping machines to those who have pre-ordered. Gallons and gallons of pretreat have run through our test units to make sure that these machines were ready for the market. Once they met our strict standards, we had them brought in so our customers could have a new excitement for pretreating shirts. Everyone in the building can use this machine… sales, accounting, marketing… it’s that easy to preatreat a shirt for a direct to garment printer.

If you have just ordered one, please be patient as we prepare them. Once we are caught up we plan to ship machines the day you order them. Right now we are going through all our checkpoints before the machines ship. They will all be leaving as soon as possible!

Spider Mini Pretreat Machine – Pre-Release

Announcing the Spider Mini  – Pretreating Machine

Launching soon….

Colman and Company is proud to announce a direct to garment pretreating machine in a class of its own. The Spider Mini is a compact, table-top unit that makes printing shirts on your dtg machine easier than ever. A footprint less than 20″ x 30″ lets this machine sit comfortably in nearly any shop, especially when you have limited space for pretreating and printing shirts.

The Spider Mini runs directly off of your standard 110/220v with no air compressor or additional tools needed. Just load a shirt onto the platen, choose your spray speed, choose which pretreat bottle and hit the start button. Get fast and accurate pretreating every single time. Only weighing 70lbs means that it also has a level of portability, save yourself from having to plan and pretreat boxes of shirt ahead of time when going to on-site events.

It is finally safe to pretreat in the same room as your direct to garment printer. Transparent removable plastic windows on both sides keep mist from leaving the machine while still giving you the ability to monitor and clean the machine from either side.

Work faster, pretreat more accurately and improve every print from your digital garment printing machine. Inquire now to gain introductory price one the most affordable pretreating machine on the market.

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